Welcome in Ocem! Attractions & Leisure Industry: This is the core business of the Company, the sector in which OCEM has obtained the most important and prestigious results, managing in short time to become a leader for the construction mostly of roller coaster.

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  • Quantum Leap - Sochi Park Adventureland

    During the first Formula 1 GP at Sochi in Russia it was opened to the public the Quantum Leap roller coaster, a Giant Inverted Boomerang (GIB) built in 2013 for Vekoma Rides Manufacturing BV.


  • Certification EN1090-1

    08 May 2014 - Ocem qualified its production in accordance with the EN1090-1 norm class of execution EXC3 for the general steel construction and in accordance with the EN1090-2 norm for the steel construction for the Amusement industry and People mover system

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